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What’s better than making Toffee for a living? Nothing!

“I bounced around from job to job my whole life. From cook to car painter, cook to auto detailer, cook to autoglass technician. Always doing my own thing..."
"...It wasn’t until my mom - also a candymaker - caught me 48 years old and exhausted after a 16 hour day of autoglass, and asked me in her Fall River, Massachusetts accent, 'Peta, why don’t you make the butta tawfee, I hate to see ya so tyed!' Well, she was half right... It was easier, but I still put in 16 hour days..."
"After some encouragement from my family, I decided to make my first batch of toffee and never looked back. Try our delicious butter toffee crunch and we hope you’ll never desire another!” - Pete Brogi